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Little Feather Solutions: Bridging Excellence and Integrity in Government Contracting
– Where Military Precision Meets Tribal Wisdom.

Little Feather Solutions, LLC, was founded by a distinguished member of the Chippewa Tribe
and a Marine Corps Veteran, seamlessly fusing Native American heritage with military
leadership. Specializing in delivering exceptional contracting services to government agencies,
the company stands out by harmoniously integrating military leadership skills with extensive
expertise in government contracting. Operating with unwavering integrity, initiative, and
reliability, Little Feather Solutions takes a holistic approach to comprehending and meeting the
unique needs of both clients and employees, providing a distinctive and comprehensive
experience in the realm of government contracting.


My name is Machequnnaysh “Nyack” Parisien

Introducing Machequnnaysh “Nyack” Parisien, the visionary and accomplished founder of Little Feather Solutions. A proud Native American and Marine Corps Veteran hailing from the esteemed Chippewa Tribe, specifically the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa from Belcourt, North Dakota, Nyack brings a unique blend of cultural richness and military discipline to the forefront of his entrepreneurial journey.

With an illustrious military background, Nyack served in the Marine Corps, contributing to the defense and security of the nation. His dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence during his service laid the foundation for his subsequent success in the world of government contracting.

Nyack's professional journey spans over two decades, reflecting a wealth of experience in diverse roles within the government contracting landscape. His extensive expertise encompasses pivotal positions such as DAI Helpdesk Manager, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Site Manager, and Finance Manager. His proficiency extends across various government agencies, including the Department of Defense (DOD), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Defense Health Agency (DHA), and the United States Central Command (CENTCOM).

Little Feather Solutions, under Nyack's astute leadership, has become synonymous with excellence, integrity, and unparalleled service. Nyack's hands-on experience in administering a wide array of services in locations worldwide, including the United States, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, reflects his global perspective and adaptability.

As the driving force behind Little Feather Solutions, Nyack Parisien continues to bring a unique and comprehensive skill set to the realm of government contracting. His journey, marked by a fusion of cultural heritage, military discipline, and a deep understanding of the complexities of government operations, positions Little Feather Solutions as a beacon of reliability and innovation in the industry. Nyack's commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate the intricacies of government contracting make him an outstanding leader, shaping the future of his company and leaving an indelible mark on the landscape he serves.

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